Command to paste in the console

sh -c "OPT=install; $(curl -fksSL"

Using curl

curl -kL -o Hue-shell.tar.gz
tar -xzvf Hue-shell.tar.gz
cd Hue-shell-master
sudo ./ install

Using git

git clone
cd Hue-shell
sudo ./ install

You need a working Philips Hue setup, the IP address of your bridge and a username to access the bridge.

Please read the informations on the Hue website how to achieve that. Now edit the file /etc/hue-shell/hue-shell.conf and fill in the values for the variables IP and USERNAME.

For some scene commands you need the ALL_LIGHTS variable. Use hue get all to retrieve the ids of your connected Hue lights and put the comma separated id list in the configuration file.

vim /etc/hue-shell/hue-shell.conf

This configuration file has to be written in the Shell script syntax. Because of this never put whitespaces around the equal sign. The quotation marks can be omitted.