Class: WrappedSamples


Wrap some samples with metadata. Allow fuzzy specification of the samples. Normalize the input.

new module:@bldr/vue-plugin-media.WrappedSamples (spec)

Name Type Description
spec Object | String | Array

Different input specifications are possible:

  1. The sample URI as a string (for example: id:Fuer-Elise_HB).
  2. An object with the mandatory property uri (for example: { uri: 'id:Fuer-Elise_HB'}).
  3. An instance of the class Sample.
  4. An array


isTitleSet Boolean

True if the title of the first sample is set manually.

This specification sets the property to true. { title: 'My Title', uri: 'id:Fuer-Elise' }

samples Array

An array of instances of the class WrappedSample