Class: MultiPartSelection


A multi part asset can be restricted in different ways. This class holds the data of the restriction (for example all parts, only a single part, a subset of parts). A multi part asset can be restricted to one part only by a URI fragment (for example #2). The URI id:Score#2 resolves always to the HTTP URL http:/example/media/Score_no02.png.

new MultiPartSelection (multiPartAsset, selectionSpec)

Name Type Description
multiPartAsset module:@bldr/vue-app-media~MultiPartAsset
selectionSpec String

Can be a uri, everthing after #, for example id:Song-2#2-5 -> 2-5


asset module:@bldr/vue-app-media~MultiPartAsset


Used for the preview to fake the this class is a normal asset.

partNos Array

selectionSpec String


getMultiPartHttpUrlByNo (The)String

Retrieve the HTTP URL of the multi part asset by the part number.

Name Type Description
The Number

part number starts with 1.

Type Description