Class: Media


An instance of this class gets exported as a Vue plugin. Access methods and sub classes using the Vue instance property $media:


new Media ()



addShortcutForMediaFiles_ () private

Add shortcuts for media files. At the momenten only for images. Video and audio are samples and handled separately.

addShortcutForSamples_ () private

Add shortcut for each sample. Audio samples are triggered by “a number” and video files are trigger by “v number”.

resolve (mediaFileSpecs) async

Resolve media files by URIs. The media file gets stored in the vuex store module media. Use getters to access the mediaFile objects.

Name Type Description
mediaFileSpecs module:@bldr/vue-plugin-media~mediaFileSpecs

setPreviewImagesFromCoverProp_ () private

Audio or video files with a property cover set get the HTTP URL of this cover image as a preview image. The URIs are automatically resolved when creating the MediaFile objects.