Module: @bldr/vue-app-presentation/content-file


Parse, process and validate the presentation content file (YAML).




module:@bldr/vue-app-presentation/content-file.openFiles (files) static

Open multiple files.

Name Type Description
files array

An array of File objects.

compileToCSS (sass) inner

Compile a sass string to a css string.

Name Type Description
sass String

getType () inner

Extended version of typeof

intersect (array1, array2)array inner

Get the intersection between all master names and the slide keys.

This method can be used to check that a slide object uses only one master slide.

Name Type Description
array1 array
array2 array
Type Description
array The intersection as an array

normalizeStyle (style)Object inner

Normalize (replace SASS vars, remove ; at the of the entries) a style object.

Name Type Description
style Object

The raw style object from the YAML format.

Type Description
  • The normalized style object

openFile (file) inner

Open, analyze and handle a file, which is dragged into the application or opened with the file dialog. Distinct between media files and the YAML *.baldr.yml file format.

Name Type Description
file File

A file interface.

parseSlidesRecursive (slidesRaw, slidesFlat, slidesTree, level) inner

Parse the slide objects in a recursive fashion. Child slides can be specified under the slides property.

Name Type Default Description
slidesRaw Array

The raw slide array from the YAML presentation file, the slides property.

slidesFlat Array

A array which is filled with every slide object.

slidesTree Array

A array which is filled with only top level slide objects.

level Number 1

The level in the hierachial tree the slide lies in 1: Main level, 2: First child level ...

toString (data)string inner

Convert various data to a string. Meant for error messages.

Name Type Description
data mixed

various data

Type Description

Type Definitions

rawSlideData object | string

A raw slide object or a raw slide string.

If a string is obtained, it should be the name of a master slide. This type is the direct input of the markdown configuration file converted to a Javascript types.

Object with one property:

- markdown: Some text

Object with multiple properties:

- title: A quote
    author: Goethe
    text: lol


- camera

rawSlideData boolean | number | string | array | object

Various types of data to render a slide.