Class: Slide

new Slide (rawSlideData)

Name Type Description
rawSlideData Object

The raw slide data from the YAML file.



The name of the content theme of this slide.

firstMediaUri String

The URI of the first media file. To be able to edit single media files in a presentation (open parent folder or edit the info yml file in the editor.)

level Number

The level in the hierarchial slide tree.


The media files of this slide as an array.

metaData module:@bldr/vue-app-presentation/content-file~MetaData

no Number

The slide number


Collect all plain text of the slide.

rawData Object

A deep copy of the raw slide data.

Normalized slide data to render the slide.

slides Array

A list of child slide objects.

style Object

Css properties in camelCase for the style property of the vue js render function.

- title: Different background color
  task: Background color blue
    background_color: $green;
    color: $blue;
    font_size: 8vw
    font_weight: bold


The title of this slide.

yamlMarkup String

The property rawData converted back into yaml.