Class: SongMetaData


Metadata of a song catched from the info.yml file.


alias: I’m sitting here
arranger: Josef Friedrich
artist: Fools Garden
composer: Heinz Müller / Manfred Meier
country: Deutschland
genre: Spiritual
lyricist: Goethe
subtitle: A very good song
title: Lemon tree
year: 1965

new SongMetaData (folder)

Name Type Description
folder string

Path of the song folder.


alias string

Alias for a song title, e. g. “Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge” “Komm, lieber Mai, und mache”

allowedProperties array

All in the YAML file “info.yml” allowed properties (keys).

arranger string

The arranger of a song.

artist string

The artist of a song.

audio string

A media server URI of a audio file for example (id:A_Song).

composer string

The composer of a song.

country string

The country the song is from.

description string

A longer text which describes the song.

folder string

The path of then parent song folder.

genre string

The genre of the song.

lyricist string

The lyricist of the song.

musescore string

The MuseScore score ID from, for example the score ID from is 1299601.

rawYaml_ Object private

A Javascript object representation of the info.yml file.

source string

A text or a URL which describes the source of a song.

subtitle string

The subtitle of a song.

title string

The title of a song.

wikidata string

The Wikidata data item ID (without the Q prefix)

wikipedia string

ID of a wikipedia article (e. g. en:A_Article)

yamlFile string

The file name of the YAML file.

year string

The year the song was released.

youtube string

The youtube ID (e. g. CQYypFMTQcE)